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Seasons of Blooming

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Blog

Becoming and Being in Every Moment…

Several years ago, on a joyful Mother’s Day, as my, once upon a time, boys transitioned from estranged teens sons to young men, they gifted me with this orchid. They had moved out, were living on their own, discovering “financial resourcefulness”, discovering themselves, and coming over for a treasured visit on that special day.

The young orchid they presented me with was tender, with one bloom, and a few buds. The one flower was exquisite. It was the perfect representation of that exquisite moment. I was overcome with a powerful burst of Joy. Perhaps, my two oldest sons, my youngest son, one of my son’s girlfriend and my husband could not understand, why I teared up, but for me that “burst” was the blossoming of my heart. It expanded more, radiated more in that moment, on that day that I shall never forget.

For me it was symbolically an end of a long winter and a beginning of a summer that had arrived. It was a closing and an opening, rolled up into One. I was aware that in that moment we were all making quantum leaps in each of our own “Becoming” and we were all blessed with Being in that one singular moment together. For me, it was bearing witness to Faith over many challenging years, fears, doubts, and having overcome them, not because of the outcome that had resulted, but because of choosing alliance with Being, whatever came. For me, it was a Joy because as any mother who Loves beyond what she is capable of conceiving, wishes only the “best of Life” for her children; and to witness your children triumph, in all the ways they do as they take their strides through their core and every level of their Being, as they expand in their soul capacity, to ultimately Love more, well, it is an exquisite Joy that as a mother can be felt to her own core Being, too.

As I snapped this year’s photo of the same orchid, during this season of blossoming, it was an exquisite realization of how much we have all grown in Life and Love and expanded in our understanding of living. Literal seasons have come, and gone, and passed quickly. There have been so many changes, over the past several years, for each of us: jobs, home re-locations, and births. Yes, births continue to happen in many ways, on varying levels, as awareness is ever becoming, and as we are living, Being, in the moments with our awareness. We also had actual births in our family, soul additions not only to our families, but to our planet. With each of these expressions, birthing and expanding, I am ever more aware of the miracles invisibly at work.

I am equally aware of the sacred processes we are all undergoing in these times we are living in. Like to this special orchid, its resilience and perseverance to reach out, spike/burst another tendril, already preparing its buds for the next season, we too are doing the same whether we know it or not. This mysterious and sacred process is happening right now as you read this; and in this awareness I am Present and Being with many exquisite feelings I am having as I write this, so aware of all that is blossoming.

[Photo: Наталья Горох]

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