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“We are multi-dimensional Beings on a Life journey of healing and Being whole.

– Esperanza Smith
Here are the services I currently offer but am not limited to. Trust your intuition in what you need. I am here to serve and support your journey. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Please note: All energy medicine sessions are given remotely in the comfort of your own home.

Chakra Balancing and Illumination Process
$100 – $150  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

You are pure energy as are all living things created and comprised of energy. Chakras refer to energy centers within the human body linking our spine and central nervous system directly to our neural network. They help to regulate all our processes, from organ function to our immune system and emotions. Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and considered to be discs of spinning energy, seven of them positioned along the body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, three to four inches outside the body, rotating clockwise, like revolving spiral arms of our galaxy, and our body is like a mini-universe. Optimally functioning chakras are what keep you physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and spiritually balanced.

The Illumination clears and releases negative and toxic energies imprinted in the LEF (Luminous Energy Field) that may also lead to predisposed disease and past physical and/or emotional traumas, in the LEF. Shamanic energy medicine upgrades the quality of your LEF and instructs your cells and genes to express health.

Through ancient dowsing or applied kinesiology (muscle testing) of your chakras activated imprints appear in the LEF. When a blocked energy imprint presents itself, it is drawn out of the affected chakra. The chakra is then energetically nourished within the LEF, balanced, and realigned for optimal functioning. You are then able to shift negative blueprints in your LEF and create more of your selected destiny, not a predisposed one.

This energy medicine session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours which includes an initial interview to discuss what issue is predominantly presented, address any questions, the process, and follow-up afterward.

$50  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

A traumatic event in your life can become blocked energy that creates a fight or flight pattern. A triggered fight or flight mode causes you to be in a survival state of being, unconsciously harming yourself, and reinforcing you are unsafe. The animal kingdom innately resets its fight or flight mode but, this is not the case for humans. Your sympathetic nervous system must be reset to the parasympathetic.

This energy medicine session lasts approx. 30 min which includes a brief initial interview of the presenting issue, any questions, the process, and follow-up.

Removing Intrusive Energies
$100 – $150  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

Toxic relationships impact you on many levels and can affect you for a lifetime. You feel stuck and unable to “let go” or break free of them. Energetically, vibrational connections and attachments are formed in such relationships be it in your personal or professional life, in familial lines, and in the circles, you keep company. In some cases, these intrusive energies attach themselves generationally creating cyclical patterns of dysfunction and/or ill health.

By locating intrusive energies in the LEF and working with you to energetically cut or extract them, then clearing the imprint (Illumination process) you can return to peace, balance, and a greater sense of returning to owning your life again.

This energy medicine session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours which includes an initial interview to discuss what issue is predominantly presented, address any questions, the process, and follow-up afterward.

Soul Retrieval and Destiny Work
$150  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

A part of your soul is left behind when you experience deep physical, emotional or psychological trauma in your life. Your experience of wholeness is fragmented and your well-being becomes affected at varying levels of body, mind, and soul. This often impacts your ability to be empowered to select and create your destiny.

A Soul Retrieval or Destiny work will guide you to release the trauma, it’s pain, suffering, and unconscious “contracts” that you wrote in a time you were under duress. It allows you to reclaim your power, rewrite your own empowered contract of well-being, gather your unique gifts, and connect with those inner messages that will aid you in navigating your journey and creating your destiny. It is a return to your home and inner wisdom.

This energy medicine session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours which includes an initial interview to discuss your journey, address any questions, the process, and follow-up afterward.

Rites of Passage and Death Rites
$100  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

Conscious transitioning of important junctures in your or a loved one’s life is essential for full integration of new expanded versions of yourself. This may include such passages as birth, adolescence -coming of age, marriage, womb,  passing over-dying, and initiations such as Rite of the Womb – embodying Divine Feminine. These are only some and there are of course many other significant passages in an individual’s journeys. Being supported and witnessed by a loving circle or community of support and creating a ceremony energetically seals a conscious crossing over.

Consciously leaving this earth is one of the most profound journeys one undertakes. Whether you are the witness or it is happening to you. Clearing up your LEF allows you to smoothly begin the transition as your physical body detaches. It allows you to speak the words of forgiveness you wished to have said, tidy up the emotional and energetically charged field, and honor those relationships that served you.

Whether creating ceremony for passages in life, bringing a Life in, or helping it to transition and transform out of this earth, this process is uniquely customized and created with you and will make a lasting impact in all the LEFs it is intrinsically connected with.

This energy medicine session individually varies. All Rites of Passage are created and then given separately. Death Rites is a process that includes an Illumination. Both require a consultative interview beforehand included in pricing. Rites on average are 30-45 min. long when administered. 

Dream Work
$75  (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Paypal payments, and credit cards accepted)

Shamanic Dreamwork is a discovery of our inner selves, our perceptions, and projections. It is an exploration of the unconscious expressing itself in our unfolding journey and that of the collective unconscious through archetypes as parts of ourselves.

This is not an interpretative or literal explanation of your dream/s. It is an integrative process that may use tools such as journaling, sacred drama, doodling/drawing, movement, and ceremony creating ample opportunities for your shadow work.

This energy medicine session lasts up to 1 hour and includes an interview to discuss dreams, integrative tools of your choice, and follow-up.

“During a healing session with Esperanza, I feel held in a sacred space of possibilities which she provides with great integrity and commitment to be of service.”
Emmanuela Urzua

Pyrenees, France

“Esperanza is a gifted healer of great integrity. What I loved most about my experiences with her is the way she saw and led me to the highest possibility for myself in our sessions. The energy work and guidance I received from her to integrate it were truly profound. Thank you, Esperanza, for the gifts you helped me to see in myself that I could never have imagined on my own.“

Gini Breidenbach

Minnesota, USA

“When I started working with Esperanza I felt so lost and confused. My bf is in the navy and left on deployment for a year. He was coming back and I found it hard to be intimate with him again. I struggle with deep childhood sexual abuse issues. I’ve tried therapy and all sorts of bodywork over the years but it didn’t truly help me. I decided to give shamanic energy medicine a try! I mean, doesn’t hurt right? I spent 24 years with these issues and I’m just so ready to let it go. Esperanza recommended for I do a soul retrieval. Her presence was so strong, wise, and gentle at the same time. She really showed up for me to do the work. She offered me a safe and non-judgmental space to do the real work. It’s been over a month since we worked together and I am finally able to be intimate with my bf without the feelings of shame and guilt. She changed my life. I am so so grateful for her light and pure talents! Please be sure to listen to her advice. She is a wise, wise medicine woman. Thanks again, Esperanza!”

Ada Trinh

Texas, USA

“I worked with Esperanza on a personal topic that I hardly ever share with anybody, but I felt safe with her. She created a space for me where I could share my story without feeling judged. During the session, I could already feel a shift of focus away from those stories and a deeper understanding of the underlying wounds. By seeing my light and potential, she also helped me to be more conscious of my worth and to feel more empowered. Esperanza is a compassionate and wise healer, who is committed to being of service. I am very grateful for her services to the world in these crucial times”.
Leonarda Di Candia



“Education, itself, and the learning process is engaging all our bodies of intelligence, our thinking, feeling, and doing. Our education is synonymous with healing and the seeds for an enlightened future.”

~ Esperanza

Presenting Workshops and Classes for Body, Mind, & Soul
  • Effective Mindfulness Practices (Personal/Professional/Workplace)
  • Whole Well-Being
  • Imagination & Creation
  • A voice to empower self-authorship and leadership
  • Authentic, open, gut-heart-head wisdom, soul courage, and fearlessness
  • Inspiring the right relationship (ayni) and interconnectedness with all Life

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